This website shows some of the websites and web applications I created during the last few years. Feel free to enjoy the portfolio.

Since I am studying Computer Science, I have a rubric for miscellaneous computer stuff regarding my studies.

And finally, there is a small information page about me.

Have fun.


Over the past few years I created several websites. The thumbnails below show a large version of the according website. They are described from left to right in the following.

One of the largest websites I ever made, is my private project myNFP. I still keep on coding for this project, since it is used by a few thousand people daily.

In cooperation with b.dios I coded a large part of the dynamic PHP functionality of sport-geschaeft.de.

Some smaller websites were created in cooperation with Infowebmediadesign.

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During a seminar regarding "Computer Science and Society" I wrote a paper about the "Bundestrojaner" (pdf, 92KB, German) in December 2007.

My student research project (Studienarbeit) is about "Optimization of Virtual Private Networks with Peer-to-Peer Techology" (pdf, 840KB, German, July 2008).

At the Arizona State University, I attended the course "Distributed Software Development" and wrote a small paper about "The Role of Service-Oriented Infrastructure" (pdf, 80KB, English, September 2008).

I held a lecture in "Computer Systems Security" about basic Web Security (pdf-presentation, 1.2MB, English, November 2008).

Currently, I am working with members of my faculty on SpoVNet, an overlay-network to create spontaneous virtual networks.

About me


My name is Christian Korscheck and I live in Tübingen, Germany. I study computer science at the Eberhard Karls Universität since 2004. I was born on 22. July 1984. I spent a year abroad in Arizona, USA at the Arizona State University from August 2008 until June 2009.

I took my first steps in coding at the age of 15, trying to create a game in Visual Basic 4.0. At the age of 17, I learned PHP and created a few websites for me and my friends. After a break of two or three years I got back to PHP at the beginning of my study. Since I learned different programming languages and got a sense of security aspects, my projects became more stable and secure over time and computer/network security is now one of my favorite topics.

If you want to contact me, send me an email.

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